At Heritage Builders, we have been involved in the completion of distinctive projects of all shapes and sizes for over 35 years, accumulating a wealth of industry knowledge throughout. Recently, across our blog, we have been considering domestic installations, from patios to garages; however, our building specialists are also available to ply their expertise to commercial sectors, delivering high-quality commercial extensions individual to your bespoke needs.

It’s Great If You’re Expanding Your Business

When businesses expand, the workspace can become a little cramped. As such, for a business during a growth stage, it is important to consider upscaling your premises. The first port of call is to relocate to a larger location, which can be incredibly expensive in terms of the overheads; from lease agreement, to maintenance, to other overheads – such as cost of electricity, gas and water.

A cost-effective alternative is to extend your business premises by building a commercial extension, if your outside space is sufficient. This provides the extra space you need, while keeping all of your talent under one roof without needing to spread across multiple locations.

Business Team Busy Working Talking Concept

You Can Use It to Increase Employee Morale

Sometimes, when it comes to office spaces, employees can get too cramped and they feel like that are stuck at their desks all day. Performing tasks in the same space, each and every day, can actually serve to decrease employee morale, presenting your team with a workspace devoid of enough space to even move around, let alone hot-desk elsewhere in your building.

However, if you have a commercial extension, you could use that space to your advantage. For example, if your employees would appreciate a space where they can relax after a client meeting, then you can use the newly-installed extension and turn it into a relaxing zone with comfortable furniture and a place to take 5.

Modern office space in a loft

Commercial extensions could be of great benefit to an innumerable amount of businesses across the UK, potentially delivering a more comfortable and productive commercial environment for you and your team. Not only that, a fresh extension, complete with its happy workforce, has a wonderful appearance to any clients that may be visiting you onsite.

You can trust us with your commercial extensions projects at Heritage Builders. We can provide our highly experienced commercial builders in the Leicester area to suit all your individual requirements for commercial property extensions, alterations, renovations, and refurbishments.

So, if you would like any further information with regards to the services we can provide for your project, then please don’t hesitate to contact us today on 01509 814 123, and one of our friendly team members will be more than happy to help.