House extensions are a great way to create additional space in your home without having to upsize to a different property. Whether your family is growing or you just want to add some more value to your house to sell at a future date, getting an extension built can add numerous benefits to a home and provide you with many different possibilities.

All house extensions are unique, and there are many different ways they can be built to accommodate what people want to get out of their extension. Here are just some of the types of rooms you could create or modify in your home with the addition of an extension.

Living Room

Chances are your home already has a living room, but is it getting a little cramped? Extensions can add a few metres in width to your home that could extend your living room out to create a lot more space. You’ll be amazed at how much bigger your living room can be with a small extension added to the home. This is ideal for people whose families are growing and need more space for all those little ones.


A conservatory is what most people think of when they think of house extensions, and why not? Conservatories are an excellent addition to a home. They create a glorious space filled with natural light, they can add value to a home, and they allow you to put all that garden space to good use. In the UK it might seem like there are only a few months in the year where we get good use out of a garden, but with a conservatory, you can use that space all year round. Not to mention the greenhouse-like design of conservatories makes them the ideal place to grow plants.

Open Plan Kitchen

Is your kitchen getting a little short on space? Well, you can extend it to create that gloriously spacious, beautiful open plan kitchen you’ve always dreamed of. Kitchens are a great room to extend because you can never have enough space in there. Whether it’s to add a space for the family to gather and eat, or simply some more worktop space to make the cooking process more manageable, a kitchen extension can be invaluable to people who love home cooking.

Spare Bedroom

Extending your loft can give you the chance to add an additional bedroom to your home, perhaps even with an en suite attached. This can be great for families that have decided their oldest child needs a bedroom of their own to make way for younger siblings, or simply to create a guest bedroom to make your home a more comfortable place for people to stay.

Dining Room

If you’re used to cramming everyone into the kitchen for teatime or piling everyone into the living room with their food on trays, perhaps a dining room extension could be right for you. Extensions are a great way to create space for a proper dining room for your family can sit down together every mealtime.

Utility Room

If you have every room already taken care of, you may not need an extension for the purpose of having more living space. However, this doesn’t mean your home couldn’t benefit from having an extension, as an extension could offer you the perfect way to create more storage space. Consider a utility room, a place for your washing machine and dryer to free up space in the kitchen, or a pantry for all your dry food to free up cupboard space, or perhaps a place for all those muddy hiking boots or bikes. A utility room is a great way to create some much-needed space in your home.

Connected Walkway

If you have a home that has a separate building not attached, why not connect them up with a walkway? A covered walkway linking a house to an outbuilding, such as a garage, can be a great addition to the home. It makes moving between these buildings much easier and more comfortable – particularly during times of bad weather.

We hope you’ve been inspired to get that extension built and that new room to your home. At Heritage Builders, we have over 35 years of experience providing house extensions in Leicester for a wide range of clients. Come to us with your vision for your home, and we will craft you an extension to bring it to life. If you’re looking for builders in Leicester, contact us today.