The interior of your home isn’t the only place you can customise and design to suit your tastes; the garden is awash with creative, decorative opportunities. From paving stones to patios, hedges to herb gardens, there are so many ways to style and do up your garden to craft the aesthetic you’re after.

However, there is one element that may seem difficult to work around: a brick wall. If your garden is lined by brickwork, it might seem near impossible to think of a way you can incorporate these drab, stone structures into creative designs. So to help, we’ve compiled a few ideas that you can use to transform any brick wall into a beautiful decorative feature of your garden, rather than something to forget about and ignore.

Decorative Ornaments

Garden ornaments are a simple, quick way to add a splash of colour and personality to your outdoor space. By adorning your brick wall with these sweet, simple elements, the wall will be transformed from a dull, lifeless structure into a beautiful display showcasing your own personal style and personality.

Whether it’s by using metal frames moulded into elegant shapes, or decorative flowers or butterflies fluttering across the brick, there is an extensive variation of ornaments you can attach to your garden wall to really bring it to life.

Water Wall

Transform your garden wall into a stunning waterfall that will amaze and delight your visitors. The cascading water down the front of your garden wall will make the drab brickwork come alive, and, depending of the depth of the water basin, you could even add a garden pond below with some marine life. As well as adding a stunning visual element, the peaceful sound of the falling water will make relaxing in your garden even more enjoyable.

Blocks of Colour

If your garden wall is a gloomy hue, why not paint it a different colour? A splash of colour, or colours, is the perfect way to brighten up your garden and make that drab wall become part of the décor. You could paint the whole thing a more pleasing tint or just paint sections or individual walls to match the surroundings. If your garden is teeming with colourful plant life, give them a high contrast background with a simple coat of white paint to the walls.

Outdoor Lighting

For those who like to spend cosy evenings in their garden or on the patio, you’re going to need some light. String lights and lanterns give a beautiful ambience to a garden space and a garden wall is an ideal place to hang lights; you won’t need a stand to keep them on, and they’ll throw some relief onto the surface of the wall too.

Vertical Gardens

One of the most stunning ways to utilise your garden wall is as the basis for a vertical garden. Whether it’s by installing pallets or slats to the front of the walls and growing plants in them, or simply investing in creepers such as ivy to climb the wall itself, incorporating plant life into your garden wall is the perfect way to create a truly stunning piece of décor for your outdoor space. It also means that smaller gardens can have wonderful plant life incorporated into them without taking up any valuable space.

Garden Mural

If you fancy yourself an artist or know someone who is who would be willing to help out, you could take painting the wall one step further by creating a beautiful mural. With a mural, you can completely customise the design to suit your tastes and have your very own bespoke piece of artwork right in your garden. Additionally, if you decide you no longer like the mural, or it no longer suits the season, you can always paint over it with a new one.

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