Your patio can be a hub of relaxation, especially if you find the perfect lighting to completely transform your outdoor space. However, with the various kinds of lighting on offer, whittling down the choice can be difficult.

There are many benefits to having a patio, and they are an asset to any home. From a superb space to have a summer barbecue, to a beautiful place to sip mulled wine and pull a Christmas cracker, it really is a spot to be enjoyed all year round.

But to make your outdoor living space as comfortable and tranquil as possible, it pays to invest in the perfect lighting for you. Want some creative lighting ideas?

Overhanging Lights

Any overhanging lighting, such as string lights and ‘party’ style lighting, is a quick and cosy way to luminate your garden. Cabling can be hung around structures such as your parasol, your gazebo or from one building to another.

Patio string lighting can create a contemporary aesthetic and with many different styles to choose from, whether you opt for vintage bulbs or fairy lights, there is something to suit everyone’s patio style.

Stunning patio lighting in the exterior of a home

A Fire

To solve the issue of little lighting and heating in one fell swoop, why not opt for an outdoor fire? This will not only light the patio space in an ambient and cosy way but will also heat the area perfectly. Whether an open space or an enclosed patio, you now have the perfect space to curl up with a book and a glass of wine, no matter what the temperature outside.

You could even wine and dine outside. Is there a more romantic space than a fire lit patio space?

patio light 2

Floor Lighting

Perhaps a subtler approach to lighting your patio; floor lighting can be a simple yet effective solution. Floor lamps mainly provide low-level illumination which gives off a luxurious and relaxing vibe. You can position these under seats and under walls for an even more subtle and delightful way of lighting.

You can also have this lighting within your garden space or greenery to highlight your plants and create a modern ambience.

patio light 3

Solar Lighting

If you are an advocate of environmentally friendly solutions, then solar lighting could be the patio lighting option for you. Not only can you save money, as these are extremely affordable and self-sustaining, but you can help the environment.

patio light 4

An eye-catching space is a great way to make your outdoor space not just a little more practical but also fantastic-looking. No matter the weather, you, your friends, and your family will want to spend time on your perfectly lit patio, rather than inside.

Don’t have a patio area yet to experiment with lighting? As expert layers, installers and repairers of patios in Leicester, the team at Heritage Builders would be more than happy to discuss your needs. Simply get in touch today.