There comes a time when you want a change to your surroundings, this is true within your home too. You may find you’re looking at your designs within your home and find they have had their time. Wanting change isn’t a bad thing, it’s a great way to try something new!

Here at Heritage Builders, our commercial builders in Leicester can help! If you’re thinking of adding a patio to your home, there are several things to consider beforehand. We have briefly touched upon this subject before, but there is so much more to consider!

Here, we have compiled a list of the top four things you need to think about when planning a patio.

Modern Sunroom or conservatory extending into the garden, surrounded by a block paved patio

  1. Think About Size

Patios can be used for a number of different purposes and they provide numerous benefits to the homeowners. From being durable to providing an area to unwind, there are many reasons to add a patio to your home.

But, you need to think considerably about the size of your patio. Whether you’re thinking about an area for two, an area for your family to dine, or even an area for an outdoor kitchen, size is a key element. Ensure there is plenty of space to walk around after furniture is added.

  1. Think About Your Style

Style is a personal preference to every individual and this is reflected in the way you choose to decorate and design your home. This is where you get the chance to incorporate your individual tastes, matching them to the style of your home.

Thinking about the style you want in the planning can speed the process of building your patio, whilst creating the design you had in mind.

  1. Think About Your Budget

Budget is a key element of your patio planning. Knowing what you want to spend is important, and it helps you keep track of your purchases throughout the process. By setting a budget at the start of the project, it will eliminate the aspect of overspending.

  1. Think About Your Design

Having an idea of the design you want to create is one of the main parts of your patio planning. Conduct some research on what trends are in and what you like. Remember, this is your project for your home, play around with ideas to see which you like the most.

If you’re stuck for inspiration, minimalist contemporary designs with tones of silver and grey is a trend to consider.

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