The garage: where we keep our car and store other items. However, these aren’t the only benefits of adding a garage onto your property.

Garages are a great addition to any property and, whether you have space for a detached or a built-in garage, here at Heritage Builders, we believe that it can be a huge return on investment.

Garage extension added to the exterior of a house

Add Value to Your Home

When trying to capitalise on the value of your property, creating extra space, no matter in what way, is a superb idea. With extra space in the home being an added premium, it can be a fantastic solution to increase the space on your plot. While a survey by the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) stated that the best way to add value to your home was through a loft conversion and adding extra bedrooms and bathrooms, the same goes for adding a garage.

Not only can adding a garage even create extra bathrooms or bedrooms, but it can also have many more multiple uses.

A third of respondents from the survey mentioned above suggested that turning a garage into a living space can be just as valuable as an extension of any kind, as it makes for extra room anyhow.

While you may think a garage can cost a considerable sum of money, when you consider how much value it adds to your home in the long run, it makes financial sense. You’ll not only see the benefits in the short term through extra space, but you will see plenty of your investment back when it comes to selling.

Extra Storage

Not only can you store one of your most valued possessions, your car, but you can utilise the space to store other items if you’d rather. Whether a boat, a kayak or your bicycle, you can store both your car and your other equipment in this one handy space. In addition to this, you can store other items which you would rather not keep in the domestic house space, such as your tools, your cleaning equipment and any work equipment.

Adding a garage to your home creates a space in which you can store almost anything, while keeping it safe and away from any visitors or guests.


Vehicle Protection

You have probably invested quite a bit of money into whatever vehicles you own, and you want to keep them in the best condition they possibly can be, hoping they last for a long time. By keeping them in a garage you can protect your vehicle from harsh weather conditions, decrease any chance of potential theft and keep them maintained easily.

Whether a motorbike, car or any other vehicle, by keeping them in the garage it also gives you a great space to change oil, rotate tyres and do any checks, making sure it stays fully protected and maintained.

Space for Hobbies

You may not drive, or even need the space for storing boxes and old junk, however, space could be utilised in other efficient ways, such as for work or hobbies. Whether you are a budding artist or a gym junkie, your garage can be your haven to practice whatever you do in your free time, as well as a perfect quiet space for working.

You could transform your garage into a home office, an artist’s gallery or even just a place to do your washing, drying and ironing.

By adding a garage to your property, you can not only reap many benefits, but you can also completely change the appearance of your property by transforming it into an aesthetically pleasing home in which you love to live in. If you decide to move on and sell your property, it will also create a great first impression when viewers arrive, giving them the instant need to put an offer down.

Here at Heritage Builders, we are proud to say we are accomplished garage builders in Leicester with over three decades of experience under our belts. If you are thinking about adding a garage onto your property, whether detached, built in or you need an extension to an existing garage, simply get in touch with our friendly team who would be more than happy to speak through your requirements and specifications to create the perfect extra space for you.