Easy and Simple Garden Designs

Everyone wants to have a beautiful garden, but they may end up having to commit a lot of time to maintain it and keep it in top condition. For many, the upkeep takes the fun out of gardening entirely. Getting the right balance between aesthetics and the effort you have to put in is easier than you may think – you’ll end up with a garden that you love spending time in while not having to sink too much time into maintaining it.

Take a look at the lazy garden design tips we’ve put together in this article to get ideas for your garden.

Use Slate for Easy Cleaning

Slate is a beautiful stone that is also low maintenance and easy to clean. This makes it perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to invest a lot of effort in their outdoor space but who still wants an aesthetically pleasing garden. Slate can replace grass, for instance, so you won’t have to worry about mowing the lawn.

Slate can be used to create patterns or a point of focus, such as a fountain or a tree, so it’s incredibly versatile. With this stone, you don’t have to compromise on the appearance of your garden.

Don’t Get a Lot of Plants

While luxurious gardens teeming with flowers and plants are beautiful, they’re also a lot of work. Instead of getting a wide variety of plants, limit the number you have so you can easily stay on top of weeds or any other maintenance tasks. You won’t have to spend a lot of time in the garden if you choose plants or flowers that are easy to maintain as well – tall grass or daylilies can be a good option.

Add a Gazebo or Outdoor Area

If you love spending time outdoors, especially now that summer is on the way, but you can’t be bothered to deal with your overgrown garden, why not add an outdoor area or a gazebo instead? This will limit the amount of space available for grass, plants and flowers, while allowing you to create a beautiful seating area where you and your guests can chat the evening away.

Include plenty of cushions and even an outdoor fire or heater for extra comfort. Your space will become a much more low-key area but will certainly look amazing.

Compartmentalise Plant and Flower Beds

Containing your plants and flowers to specific areas – or even boxes – in the garden will minimise the upkeep needed for them to stay in tip top condition. You won’t have to waste time pruning them so that they stay in place, which will also save you the effort of working in the garden when all you want to do is relax. You can opt for plant pots as well, which will keep your plants and flowers organised.

Create a Garden Path

This will scale back the amount of space for plants and flowers, so replace soil with paving. You don’t have to completely get rid of your garden if you still want to enjoy some greenery or colourful flowers – however, a path can look aesthetically beautiful and prevent people from stepping on planted beds, which would give you more work.

Have an Outdoor Tap

If you want to save yourself several trips inside the house to get water for your plants and flowers, then you should install an outdoor tap. Having a hose nearby will make all the difference and will prevent you from spending a lot more time working on the garden than necessary.


Avoid Climbers

One thing that will bring in a good amount of workload are climber plants. While some are self-clinging and will happily grow against the walls of your house, for example, others require constant support and tying, which can quickly take the fun out of gardening.

Swap Flowers for Shrubs

Shrubs are low maintenance when compared to flowers, so they are great for anyone looking who still wants the visual benefits of a green space without having to put in so much work to maintain it.

What’s more, you won’t have to worry about whether a certain flower or plant is seasonal and if it will take to the soil and grow; the same goes for wondering if they can survive in current weather conditions, since some plants are better suited for certain times of the year.

Some perennials are also easy to keep, like lavender. They smell wonderful and look great so, if you’re looking for a pop of colour in your garden, these little plants can be placed virtually anywhere, from soil to baskets and pots.


As building contractors in Leicester, we have many years of experience building beautiful gardens for our clients, so we understand a thing or two about creating lazy designs to ensure minimal upkeep.

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