The practice of carrying out activities without depleting resources unnecessarily or via harmful practices, the concept of a sustainable building can be a very broad term to cover. Basically, it is fulfilling present needs without having a negative and long-lasting effect on the future.

For some, they have applied the term to even broader social terms. But, for the sake of this blog here at Heritage Builders, we take it to mean the direct loss of finite materials and not a grander social problem.

So, outside of the broader use of the term what does sustainability mean for your building project?

Philosophy of Sustainability

The issue of sustainable building work can actually be a very complex and contentious issue. With many people taking very stark stances on the subject. From the outset of the project, it must be considered, as it cannot be included halfway through without causing irreversible damage. After all, the environmental impacts of even one building project are massively significant.

As part of the philosophy of sustainability, the effort to plan for it should be the focus in the very first stages of planning. From beginning to end, sustainability should be a key element of your plans. Consulting designers and builders to help limit the materials used can also be a good way to ensure sustainability is managed from the outset.

Construction of a sustainable building project

New Regulations for New Buildings

An environmental impact assessment can be carried out before the project begins physically. However, this is often used to justify consumption of materials rather than an impartial assessment in most cases. If one is conducted then it should be done so with the intention of discovering the true impact and trying to avoid it as best as possible.

Already existing environmental policies that are in place for your client will also have to be considered, as these could affect the project in unexpected ways. If a sustainability incentive is already underway, you must ensure your building project does not undermine or set it back in any way. Building regulations in certain areas, funding and planning legislation may also have an effect and needs to be taken into account.

However, sustainability is not only limited to the actual construction itself. It can also be affected by the waste from the project. If the proper recycle and disposal protocol is followed, then the waste from the project can be much less impactful on the environment.

Builder working on a construction site
So, you should always be focusing on both the impact of the project itself and then the potential waste of the project. Doing so will ensure the sustainability of your project as a whole.

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