Garages are a great attachment for any home. They are most commonly and traditionally used for the safe storage of your vehicle or various other bulky items such as the lawn mower. However, there are many fun and fantastic uses for garages that you may not be aware of.

At Heritage Builders, we are here to help inspire you to use your garage for something different and get the most out of all that space. Here, we have listed seven alternative uses for your garage.


Great for Storage

It’s easy to fill your garage with clutter; after all, using garages to store your belongings is one of the most popular uses. Whether it’s tools, old bikes, or boxes of various things you’re waiting to throw away or take to a charity shop, the extra space garages provide is ideal for storing practically anything.

However, why not think outside the box when it comes to storage? Just because garages are typically used for certain things doesn’t mean you have to stick to these. You could store your off-season clothing during the summer months to provide more space in your wardrobe, or your child’s pram or cot in anticipation of your next little one. Garages don’t have to be messy piles of junk; with simple storage techniques and ideas, your garage can be a haven of well-packed, organised storage space.

Ideal as a Workshop Space

With all that space available, as well as not technically being a room in the house, garages make the ideal place for a workshop. Whether it’s bike repairs, woodwork or metalwork, a garage is the perfect place to store and use machinery and tools for people of any level of handiness. You can transform your garage into a personal workshop for your home craft projects, or even a small-scale business, and its detachment from your house means there’s no risk of damaging any furniture or fittings.

Workshop Space in Garage

Entertainment Area

Garages make the perfect room to transform into a space for entertaining. You can create your very own home cinema to watch all of those family films together or invite your friends round for a film night. With a wall-mounted TV or projector screen and a surround-sound system, comfy chairs and some home comforts, you can turn your old garage into your very own home cinema experience.

Alternatively, your garage can also make ideal extra space for parties or BBQs. With some seating, lighting, a minibar (or even a real bar), a fridge and some counters you could create a great space for entertaining guests, with the benefit of it being out of the house so you won’t need to worry about keeping the kids up.

Transform into a Hobby Room

A garage can be utilised to create a space for practically any hobby enthusiast. Are you an art lover? Why not set up your very own studio to perfect your craft? Or for the yoga fanatic, a simple empty space with mats and a music player could be the ideal addition to your home. You could even turn your garage into an office space for those who love writing or doing graphic design. Whatever your passion, if you have an old garage going to waste, you could use this space for your very own creative outlet.

Yoga Mat in the Garage

Home Gym

With all that space available not taken up by traditional fittings, it makes the perfect place to set up your very own gym. Invest in some gym equipment and set it up in your freshly painted garage and achieve those fitness levels you’ve always dreamed of. Garages are well ventilated, and provided they are structurally sound enough to support equipment, make the ideal location to burn those calories. It is well worth the privacy and ditching those expensive gym memberships. Simply add a cupboard to store towels, maybe a water cooler for a refreshing drink and a music player to keep you motivated and you’ll wonder how you ever did without it.

Home Gym in Garage

Guest Room

If you don’t have a room going spare in your house for guests to stay over, why not turn your garage into one? With some furnishing and fittings, a fresh coat of paint (and maybe a couple of portable heaters if it is not very well insulated), you could create a cosy extra bedroom attached to your house, perfect for overnight guests.

Play Room

If you want to give your kids somewhere to play (and get them out of the house for a while), consider converting your garage into their very own play room. With the addition of some bookshelves, toy boxes, rugs and bean bags, your kids can have their own place to hang out with their siblings or their friends, yet in close enough proximity that you can still keep an eye on them.

Play Room in Garage
If you’re thinking of having a garage constructed, we can help. At Heritage Builders, we are established builders in Leicester with over three decades’ experience within the field. If you’re interested in building or extending your garage, or if you would like to learn more information about our services, contact us today, and we will be happy to help.