An eye-catching patio is a fantastic way to not only make your garden look amazing, but also create a functional space that can make your home an even more enjoyable place to live. Not to mention the increased value that can be added to a house with the installation of a patio.

Patios can be used to throw an incredible garden party or even just a relaxing, quiet spot to enjoy some family time outdoors. Whatever you want to do with your patio, it will have a serious effect on how you go about designing it. It’s a good idea to know what kind of design you’re after before you enlist in building services so they can craft you that ideal patio around your dream design.

So, here are just five design ideas that you could use for your new patio:

Outdoor Bar

If you fancy yourself a premium host or hostess, then a patio bar could be right up your alley. An outdoor bar makes an ideal addition to a garden party or BBQ; guests can put in their drink requests, sit down at the bar and enjoy a chat and a beverage in the beautiful glow of the string lights that have been hung up around the bar.

Additionally, a bar doesn’t just need to be for drinks. It can make a great surface to dish up food from the BBQ, or for the family to sit around and eat their dinner at if they want to enjoy the glorious sunshine. So, whether it’s a small family BBQ or a giant birthday bash, a patio bar can take your soiree to the next level.

Enrich with Flora

For true nature lovers, a wonderful way to design your patio is around plant life. Consider walls crawling with ivy, hanging baskets dangling down from the roof and flower beds lining the paving stones. A patio does not have to mean a reduction in the natural flora of your garden, you can incorporate plants, trees and flowers into the design of the patio itself. If you can’t bear the idea of a garden with no plant life, but you still want to enjoy all the functionality of an outdoor space, plan your patio with nature in mind.

Cosy Patio Nook

Patios can often feel like very present structures with wide, open spaces and a domineering presence in the garden. However, when designed in the right way, a patio can be an adorable, cosy space to cuddle up with your significant other on a warm evening.

With some comfy seating, plenty of cushions and blankets and some atmospheric, low level lighting, your patio can become an intimate, snug nook right in your very own back garden.

Patio Swing

Perhaps the seating type that is most often associated with the patio is the swinging chair. There is something truly wonderful about chairs that are suspended from above and rock their occupiers gently back and forth. Swinging chairs are loved by children and adults alike, and a patio offers the ideal place to implement these into their design if you want some swinging chairs in your home.

Central Firepit                 

A fireplace is a truly amazing fixture that creates a wonderful atmosphere to any party or special occasion, or even just a relaxed evening in. However, not all homes have the space for a fireplace, whether it’s a real one or an electric model.

Fortunately, there are a plethora of outdoor-suitable models that can bring all the warmth, aesthetic and atmosphere of a real fireplace to your patio. A firepit can be the focal point of your patio, placed in the centre with the seating arranged around it. Your guests will love being able to sit around the fire towards the end of the evening as everything is winding down and enjoy the gentle warmth and glow that a firepit brings.

We hope that these ideas have inspired you in your own quest for that perfect patio design. If you’re looking for builders in Leicester to help you bring your patio to life, contact Heritage Builders today. We have over 35 years’ experience delivering excellent results designed around your vision. We endeavour to install your dream patio, no matter what shape or form. So, if you’re looking for patios in Leicester, do not hesitate to contact us to find out more.